We ran a survey across early-stage companies in the fintech industry to learn how they were approaching the construction of their admin panel* and for what purposes. *By admin panel, we refer to any internal tool you may use to administrate your customer-facing apps (also commonly called back office).

Here are the conclusions we were able to draw:

The admin panel is critical to your company’s success

Answers to the question: How critical is the admin panel to your business?

Close to 80% of respondents said that the admin panel is critical to their company’s success and ~50% even consider they are “very critical”. Only one respondent replied that their Admin Panel is not critical at all.

Most fintech companies are equipped FROM DAY ONE

Forest adventure started not so long ago… officially last year, in May, when we first got mentioned in Techcrunch news! The project was launched within eFounders startup studio alongside other cool startups such as Mailjet, Mention, Front, Spendesk, Station, Slite

Since then our team grew to 10 amazing people, our product improved a lot and more and more companies (350+ at the moment) decided to switch from their home-made admin to our SaaS admin interface.

Oh, and we just raised $3M with Connect Ventures, Xavier Niel and Taavet Hinrikus (Co-founder and Chairman of TransferWise). Another mention in Techcrunch news 😄

What Forest is about

I’ve long been reluctant to early technology adoption, waiting for my intimate opinion influencer to force me to embrace a new product. I believe it was resulting in a smoother appropriation phase, only regretting that I didn’t take the plunge earlier. What about now? Well… I’m addicted… for real!

This is the first post of a series which will sum up the best software available on the market articulated around different uses: personal, professional, productivity, etc.

Technology changed the way I live in many ways: lowering my probability of failure, improving my interpersonal communications and increasing my efficiency therefore augmenting…

Right after graduating and while founding my first start-up Squeek, I started a second business in the media industry. This business was supposed to generate a significant stream of income to support me financially, until our first fund raise. The idea of self-generating businesses slowly made its way through following the advent of authors like Tim Ferris and its best-selling 4-Hour Workweek book. Put simply, a self-generating business allows you to earn a relatively big amount of money without being too time-consuming. …

After graduating from an MSc in strategic marketing from Imperial College, I took the decision to start my own company with the ambition to disrupt the car wash industry with my partner Hugo. Squeek ignited a revolution in its sector, simplifying the way people consume car wash and introducing a never experienced level of convenience. How did it work?

Squeek was an on-demand, waterless and eco-friendly car wash mobile application, aiming at making simple for car owners to get their car cleaned where they were parked within 60 min, using only one cup of water. (more on Squeek here)


Tancrede Le Merrer

Head of Sales @ForestSaas

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